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Introducing the Wix-to-MailerLite Sync Automation by Zapier! Seamlessly connect your Wix store and MailerLite email service provider to automatically add customers to your email list. No more manual data entry, just effortless synchronization for a growing and engaged subscriber base. Boost your email marketing efficiency and start connecting with your customers in a personalized way.


Here's how it works:


Easy Setup: Setting up the automation is a breeze. Zapier connects your Wix store and MailerLite account, enabling them to communicate and sync data effortlessly.

Automatic Contact Sync: Whenever a new customer visits your Wix store and provides their contact information, our automation springs into action. It automatically captures the customer's details and seamlessly adds them to your email list in MailerLite. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a growing and engaged subscriber base!

Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the contact syncing process, you free up valuable time and resources. Focus on what matters most – growing your business and delivering exceptional products or services – while our automation takes care of keeping your contact list up to date.
Real-Time Updates: Rest assured that the automation works in real time, ensuring that your Wix contacts are promptly reflected in your MailerLite email list.

Reliable and Secure: Zapier is a trusted and reliable automation platform that prioritizes data security. Your customer data is encrypted and protected, ensuring that privacy and compliance requirements are met at all times.

Don't miss out on valuable opportunities to engage with your customers. Seamlessly integrate your Wix contacts with MailerLite using the Wix-to-MailerLite Sync Automation by Zapier.


Get started today and unlock the power of automation for your Wix store and MailerLite email campaigns!


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