What's a Peer Mastermind?

A Peer Mastermind is group of like-minded entrepreneurs from different industries and businesses who gather together for the sole purpose of helping and building one another. It's a place to solve your business challenges, brainstorm ideasget constructive feedback and be held accountable to making CONSISTENT progress.


Every mastermind group is different but they all function with one sole purpose. The purpose is to collaborate, share knowledge, coordinate effort and expertise. Let's be purposeful about how you show up in your business.

As a bawse bish, you'll get...

Weekly group calls to help hold you accountable and remove obstacles

Access to exclusive virtual workshops, bootcamps & webinars

Participate in group challenges and contest giveaways

Learn from guest speakers and knowledge sharing

Access to a online community where you can share ideas and get feedback

Email support so you can get the answers you need between calls

Access to valuable resources and connections

Guidance from Brand Strategist, Chryssy as your mastermind group facilitator


This group is for you if...
  • You feel you need to surround yourself with more like-minded women

  • You wish you had a business bestie you can call/text to run business ideas by

  • You're getting stuck when it comes to decision making in your business

  • You enjoy providing feedback and helping other women do great work

  • You're committed to yourself and the success of your business

  • You crave consistency, clarity and direction


I work with women, like you, who feel alone, lost and inconsistent in their business.

Let's attract more money and clients giving you the freedom and life you desire. 

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We're accepting new members

We have multiple levels of memberships starting as low as $19/month that allow you to decide on the level of support and engagement you desire from the group.


All memberships include access to the slack community. 


The slack community is the place where we will all collaborate, share feedback and ideas. It's also perfect for networking and promoting your products and services

Make sure you fill out the application before signing up for your subscription.


per month

Access to Slack Community


per month

Access to Monthly workshops and bootcamps

Guest speakers and knowledge sharing

Access to Slack Community


per month

Weekly group calls to keep you consistent and ON TRACK

Ongoing feedback and accountability

Group Challenges, Contests and Giveaways

Discounts on Quarterly Planning Intensive Workshop

Access to Office Hours with Chryssy, Brand Strategist

Access to Slack Community

Access to Monthly workshops and bootcamps

Guest speakers and knowledge sharing

There is a prescreening process. The Peer Mastermind is an exclusive group with limited seating. Each member will be carefully selected to make sure you get value out of every session.

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