I'm Chrystal-- friends call me, Chryssy. You decide. 😉 

I'm your new brand strategist.  I have an intense passion for business and entrepreneurship. I help my clients design and implement creative solutions for their businesses. I do this through brand identity & web design as well as business coaching for a select few. 

As an entrepreneur, I'm hungry for success. As a self-taught designer, I have more than established myself as a branding expert. The journey was not EASY, but I'm here as a listening ear to help you strategize and solve your business problems through branding.


We are a team of designers equipped with attention to detail and laser focus to bring your project's vision to life. 


Kolor Addikt is a design agency that specializes in branding businesses and entrepreneurs.


The name?  To be a Kolor Addikt, you must be addicted to all things design and optimizing the effects of your designs on a customer.  You possess a sense of urgency and obsession with results.  I pride myself on working closely with our clients to help develop a brand that speaks to who you are. I work with a collective of creative minds who love the business of design. We work with our clients to guarantee satisfaction. Our passion and work etiquette separate us from our competitors.  Let's create something special together. Share your dreams with us and we can make them a reality. I'm so excited to begin this journey with you.

Work with us to receive high-quality designs through an exceptional process we like to call; The Kolor Addikt Way.  Are you pumped? Let's get started. Contact us now to schedule your first consultation.